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‘Ask Charles’ No. 2

Charles Martin
‘Ask Charles’ No. 2

Q: Which of my books is my favorite?
A: I get asked this question alot.  The short answer is, I don’t have a favorite.  You might as well line up our three sons and ask me who I love the most.  I love them all the same, equally and for different reasons.  There are scenes in various books that I’m proud of, specific moments, I look at and think, ‘that’s some good stuff,’ but not one book.  I’ve said this alot but it remains true: when I’ve finished every book, I’ve been able to lay it down and honestly say, ‘that’s the best I can do.’  It’s not like I held back somewhere.  Each has required all of me to write it.  Books do that by default.  (At least mine do.)  I am either all in or I’m not.  Can’t be half in the computer screen and half out.  Can’t be half pregnant.  That said, this latest one is pretty good.  Course, I’ve said that same thing everytime a book has released.

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