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I"d Like to Apologize

Charles Martin
I"d Like to Apologize

To my nephew.  Ben.  Yesterday, he was wearing a pair of jeans and I made fun of him for wearing them.  I told him that no man in his right mind would ever wear a pair of jeans like that.  They were girl-jeans all the way.  I could not understand what possessed him to wear such a thing.

So why the apology?

Today, I went shopping with Christy.  Started out looking for dress shoes.  Check.  Then she says, “Let’s go look at some jeans.”  I’m thinking, Carhart, Levi’s, Wranglers.  She pulls me into the Lucky Brand store…and it wasn’t to get lucky.  I pointed down the hall.  “Honey…”  She said, “Don’t argue with me,” and gave me the crooked finger pointed in my face.  “Yes ma’am.”

So, now I’m the proud owner of two very non-Charles looking pairs of jeans that my wife loves.  (I’m in the closet now trying to figure out how to cut off the labels.)

So, Ben.  You rock.  I am deeply sorry.  Penitent is a better word.  You are now my fashion guru.

P.S.  Please don’t tell anyone.

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