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Monday’s Mail

Charles Martin
Monday’s Mail

Thought this one was fun:

“Charles - normally I contact authors when I finish reading their books, as I did with you after reading When Crickets Cry. But, oh my, I just finished the scene where Doss and Abbie bathed outside the nudist colony and cried/laughed, which is about the equivalent of blubbering, right? This novel is so beautifully painted, as beautiful as I’m sure the portrait of Rosalia.  Now, put this in perspective - I have four children, I bought your book at 4ish today. It is now 9:30ish and I’m on page 136 and still going. I fed my four year old Slim Jims for supper b/c I can open them with my mouth without lifting my eyes from the page. Other than that, I have no idea what the rest of my family has eaten, if anything. I can’t put this book down. It’s breaking my heart while inspiring it to love deeper in spite of the cracks.  I’ll email more when I’m through unless I find another scene like the one-eared, gun-totin swamp mama who loves Abbie. What a hoot, as we say in Demopolis, AL.”

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