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Some Thoughts on Turning 41...

Charles Martin
Some Thoughts on Turning 41...

(In no particular order or value.)

A good cup of coffee is tough to beat.  A bad cup is better than no cup.

Little television news is actually news.

The Oreo is the best cookie ever made.

I can’t sing…at all.  When I get to heaven, I want pipes.  And wings.  I’ll be the singing-est, flying-est angel ever to come out of Jacksonville.

My 13 year old is going through puberty.  You could give me all of Bill Gates’ money and I would not go back through it.

I have taken to wearing slippers in the morning.  Fleece lined things.  I shuffle around.
Soft.  Comfy.  Like walking on a cloud.  I drive my son to school in them.  And when I walk in them I sound a lot like my father did when I was a kid.

Aches and pains take longer to go away and I have more of them.

Beer no longer holds the attraction it once held.  Nor Scotch.  Good red wine does not fall into this category.

There is great value in a good, worn sweater.  Mr. Rodgers is not the nut I thought he once was.

The cowboy is one of God’s greatest creations.

Two days ago, I ran a 5:35 mile and didn’t wake up in ICU.  I could have run faster.  But, now that I’m older, I didn’t feel like I needed to.

Good friends are worth the trouble…and I am not yet the friend I hope to be.

My career has been nothing like I’d imagined, but I wouldn’t trade it for any other.

The Dorito is be the best chip—crunchy-thing ever made.

Good pizza is worth the calories.  Bad pizza is not.  Only one way to find out.

‘Lonesome Dove’ is the best made-for-TV-movie ever made.

My sons’ smiles are band-aids for my soul.

Youth is wasted on the young.

Bring back ‘The Waltons,’ ‘Little House on the Prairie’ ...and the original ‘Dukes of Hazard.’

If I was shipwrecked on an island with only one thing, it’d be a fingernail clipper…connected to a satellite phone.

My wife’s hand fits really well in mine.

Chocolate is good for you.  Anyone who tells you otherwise needs to let their hair down.

Hymns mean more than they used to.

My dog laughs at me every time I pick up her poop.  I can see it on her face.

King David is still my favorite writer.

Reading glasses are a good thing.

Did I tell you about my slippers?

Bring back John Wayne.

M&M’s make most everything better.

Take away everything I have, leave me with Christy and the boys and I’m still the richest , most blessed man next to Abraham.

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