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The Dead Don’t Dance Sequel

Charles Martin
The Dead Don’t Dance Sequel

Months passed, I kept turning the idea over in my head and soon realized I had found a bit more of the story still untold. I, like many of you, wanted to read the rest of the story. I found that much of my downtime, what might also be called ‘daydreaming,’ was spent following a few of the characters around in my head wanting to know what they were doing, where they were going, why and what happened to them after the last page.

Currently, I’m working (‘WIP’—work in progress) my way back into Digger and the lives of Dylan, Maggie, Amos, Amanda, and yes, even Bryce, too. I won’t tell you much about the storyline but I will say that I’m wrestling with two things: how do people start over when their soul is cracked in two. How do they gather the shattered pieces of themselves, their soul, and begin again? How do you rebuild if entire pieces are missing? And, secondly, how does a man fight for his wife. I mean really fight for her, not just the physical, gun-in-hand, I-can-protect-you fight, but the deep down kind that would walk to the edge of the earth to rescue her heart. While I have glimpses of what that looks like, I don’t know the narrative answer and don’t pretend to know everything. Maybe that’s why it’s called a ‘work in progress.’ Writing for me is often a process of discovery—it certainly is in this case. I will say I think part of the answer can be found in the scene that ocurred in the first book with Amos and Dylan on the raft. If I can figure this stuff out, we expect this (as yet untitled) to release sometime in 2006, hopefully just prior to the release of the Hallmark movie.

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