What If It's True

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Jesus, who knows her name, steps forward. He is so glad to see her. He’s missed her, and He’s been looking forward to this moment for a long time. He chose this road because He knew it wound near her house. Because while her body is battered and torn, it’s her heart that’s broken. In this moment, Jesus has already healed her body. “The fountain of her blood was already dried up.” He’s calling her forward because He’s about to heal her heart. Then, of all the words He could have spoken, He says one singular word she needs to hear.


The word echoes inside her. Dancing around her insides like a pinball until it comes to rest in that place in her gut. Where her soul lives. Down where her hope is buried.

Scripture doesn’t say it, but I think Jesus reaches out and lifts her up.  Raises her up in front of everyone else. Hugs her. Tightly. While she weeps on His shoulder, He welcomes this daughter back into the family. And then just so everyone knows and to ensure there’s no doubt, no question, He says, “Your faith has healed you.”

Somewhere it hits her. I’m healed! It’s over! I am what I once was. What I’ve always longed to be. This knowing spreads across her face. I am a child of God!

Follow-Up Now Available

They Turned the World Upside Down, a follow-up to What If It's True, is now available for pre-order.