Anything is Possible

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What happens when the unexplainable intersects the undeniable?

Miracles are impossible. The defy explanation. They can’t be real. And yet, miracles surround us every day. Where we face something that we can’t fix and run out of options. Where the limited and finite ability of man ends and unlimited and infinite will of God begins. Where what is impossible with man is possible with God

In Anything is Possible, Joby Martin, bestselling author and Lead Pastor of The Church of Eleven 22, examines nine miracles of Jesus—the miracle at the wedding of Cana, the story of the cripple at the pool of Bethesda, the feeding of the 5,000, the raising of Lazarus—and shows how each teaches us something unique about how God wants to relate to us. Martin dives deeply into scripture and, in his trademark accessible style, points readers toward the 
Written with New York Times bestselling author Charles Martin, Anything is Possible is an insightful and spiritually rich look the miracles of Christ, and how the greatest miracles of all changed everything. Ultimately, he encourages readers that God still does miracles today, that believers have access to the incredible power that raised Jesus from the dead, and, ultimately, reminds us not to seek miracles themselves, but the one who performs them.

"Joby Martin has the gift of clarity and purpose. His teaching, and now his writing, cuts through the clutter to what matters most—pushing you to move. He is an inspiring teacher, a motivating leader, and a good man. I'm honored to call him a friend."

Brian Tome

“Joby possesses a theologian’s mind, a comedian’s timing, a preacher’s fire, and a pastor’s heart. I love that he has created a resource helping us see how the miracles of Jesus intersect our lives today.”

Ben Stuart, Pastor of Passion City Church DC

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